Expansion compensators

Gland compensator with a relatively short installation length has a significant axial compensation. The main advantages of the compensator are a simple, stable structure, which is used in industrial network installations (water, loose materials, steam)

There are significant axial movements in these installations. In a situation where compensators made of corrugated pipes cannot be used, a gland compensator is used.

The construction of the compensator consists of standardized steel pipes constituting the so-called Body. In addition, the structure includes elements such as: thrust ring, flanges, internal bayonet tube, gland sleeve, sealant, and bolts with nuts.

The part of the expansion joint with a larger diameter than the diameter of the sliding pipe is the socket. Inside the socket, a stop ring is welded against the sealant.

Due to their design, choke compensators require constant supervision, therefore they should be installed in places that are easily accessible (service, control).

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