Fabric compensators

Fabric compensators

Fabric expansion joints mainly used for gaseous media (air, exhaust gases) and dust media. They work at temperatures that can reach 1000 ÷ 1200 ° C and low pressures (0.1MPa)

They can compensate for longitudinal, transverse and oblique movements. They are used in desulphurization, drainage and gas drying installations chimneys, in power plants, chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, mills.

Fabric expansion joints are made of several layers materials glass, silicate, ceramic or aramid fabrics – which are selected depending on the temperature at which it will work compensator and depending on the medium with which it will come into contact (different chemical resistance of the materials used).

When selecting fabric expansion joints, the flow velocity of the medium becomes of great importance, which determines the selection of the appropriate fabric and the possible use of additional covers to protect the soft parts of the expansion joint. We offer fabric expansion joints with flange connections and for clamps both rectangular and round.

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