Lensens compensators

The compensator is made of pressed half-lenses welded together (so there are two half-lenses per one wave of the compensator). The number of waves of the lens compensator can be one, two or more and depends on the required compensation and available space for the installation of this type of device. 

Lens compensators are made with flange connections or for welding (possibly a reduction can be used) with a round and rectangular cross-section. Compensators can also be made in a mixed version, i.e. with connections on one side of the flange and on the other side for welding.

Steel grade to make connections, as in the case of lenses, selected is individually to the installation parameters.

lens type compensators compensate for axial and angular displacements. They are most often used in heat exchangers. They eliminate stresses in pipelines caused by the thermal factor (e.g. heating). They compensate for static displacements (axial, angular) resulting from the operation of devices and resulting from hydraulic resistance – the flow of the medium.

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